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I cry your pardon gunslinger.

I have forgotten the face of my father.

Francis of Garden City
20 January 1980
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I am a 26 year old guy from the suburbs of Detroit. I am currently unemployed, carless, and living at home. I know that sounds bad but life could be a whole lot worse.

I love comic books, video games, role playing games, old cartoons, and a large variety of music. I have listed many specific examples in my interest list.

Every Saturday I get together with a group of friends and play Dungeons and Dragons or whatever other RPG we are into at the time.

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arsenic lullaby, atom and his package, baldur's gate, bastard!!, batman, beavis and butthead, ben folds five, black heart procession, boston legal, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, bust a groove, christopher guest, chrono trigger, classical music, clive barker, coen brothers, comic books, conan o'brien, cthulhu, david bowie, denis leary, doctor who, donnie darko, doug bradley, dragonlance, dungeons and dragons, el vez, elton john, evil dead, family guy, father callahan, final fantasy, fraiser, futurama, gamecube, gargoyles, gay rights, geoffrey rush, githzerai, golden girls, golgo 13, graham norton, gustav mcpherson, harry potter, hellboy, hellraiser, henry rollins, horror movies, house m.d., ian mckellen, indiana jones, jla, john cameron mitchell, john goodman, johnny cash, jon stewart, josh groban, jrr tolkien, katamari damacy, kids in the hall, kill bill, king of the hill, kingdom hearts, klaus nomi, law and order, legend of zelda, leonard cohen, lord of the rings, louie punch, m*a*s*h, marianne faithfull, mario party, martian manhunter, masters of the universe, mega man, mike mignola, monty python, mythology, neil gaiman, nick cave, nintendo, palladium books, patrick stewart, pink floyd, pirates, pj harvey, planescape, politics, punk boys, queer as folk, r.e.m., radiohead, ranma 1/2, ravenloft, reno 911, resident evil, robots, rocky horror picture show, role-playing games, roy orbison, rufus and the turks, rufus wainwright, rune soldier, sarah brightman, sarevok, saturday night live, scissor sisters, sealab 2021, silent hill, simon and garfunkel, skeletor, south park, space ghost, spider-man, star trek, star wars, stephen king, strong bad, super smash bros., teen titans, thanos, the beatles, the bloodhound gang, the daily show, the dark tower, the lady of pain, the match game, the smoking popes, the spectre, the state, the tick, tom waits, tony diterlizzi, tori amos, triangle foundation, vampire hunter d, venture bros., video games, ween, weird al yankovic, weirdsville, what's my line?, widescreen, william shatner, willie nelson, wolfbait, x files, young justice, zombies