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Francis of Garden City
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May 2009
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Francis of Garden City [userpic]

I got a call about ten minutes ago from a Statecomm Group. Of course it was a recording. This recording said in a very casual voice, so casual I almost thought it was a real person, that they were aware that I had over 6000 dollars in credit card debt and I was paying over 25% interest. The funny thing is that neither Aaron or I even have a credit card. So, when prompted I pressed 1to speak to an agent. Rather quickly a foreign sounding woman answered the phone. To the best of my recollection, here is that conversation.

Operator: Would you like to speak to an agent?

Frank: No, I would like to be taken off of your calling list.

O: Why!?!? We just want to help you reduce your debt.

F: No one in this household owns a credit card, let alone has 6,000 dollars in credit card debt.

O: But we can help you with your debt.

F: Um...

O: Do you have any debt?

F: (angry) No, I don't!

O: Well good for you. (hangs up)

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I have been getting automated calls on my cell phone for over a year giving me my last warning that the factory warranty on my non-existant car is about to expire, or has expired. Fuckers.