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Francis of Garden City
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May 2009
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Francis of Garden City [userpic]

Everything has been pretty good on the kidney front. The only snag I have run into is crazy weight gain. Ever since I was let off my renal diet I have been gaining weight like a crazy person. To combat this I have recently sworn off of soda, red meat, and greasy food and plan to cut down on my "treats". My mother is giving me her treadmill and Aaron and I are going to buy our own set of pins for the apartment's weight room since somebody keeps stealing the ones that are supposed to be there. I really got scared when I was no longer able to fit into pants that fit like a tent two months ago. My self image aside, I have to lose this weight or risk developing diabetes. The medication I am on make me much more likely to get it than the average Joe.

Somewhere around two months ago I embarked on a new Dungeons and Dragons venture. I put together a new group to try out, not only 4th Edition, but several campaign ideas I have had kicking around for quite some time. So far both have been exceeding my expectations! 4th Edition is very different. The game would probably run a lot smoother if none of us had played D&D before. Concepts from previous editions occasionally trip us up. The fact that we have some "new" players has turned out to be a boon. Though they used to play D&D back before there was more than one edition to keep track of,  they are still green enough to interpret these new rules exactly as they are written without being clouded by "how it used to be". It feels so good to look forward to D&D again.

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I hear ya about 4th ed. Hard to not let the old systems creep back into my head.